We have every solution in the book and more
Web Service
Our web service API offers comprehensive solutions for any need, making it simple for you to be in control of your email marketing activity.
Create contact groups
Easily create and manage contact groups of any kind, and enjoy the ability to reach them in a simple way.
No contact limits
Unlike other systems, here you have no contact limits so even if you have advanced needs we can deliver.
Automated Subscription Management
Our system enables your subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe with no interaction from your side.
Bounce-back handling
Our system automatically handles bounced messages and removes them for you after several bounced messages.
List Exclusion
Our system enables you to exclude specific lists or segments from receiving a specific message.
Automatic sending
Our system supports automatic sending so you can set dates and time and your message will be sent automatically.
Friendly HTML editor
We make it simple to create your message in any way by providing you a friendly and advanced HTML editor.
Designed email templates
Enjoy beautiful designed email templates that will give your message a beautiful and professional look.
Supports every language
No matter who your subscribers are and where they're from, our system supports every language.
High deliverability
With our system your message has increased chances to reach the address and land in your subscriber's inbox.
Mail-Merge Personalization
You can personalize your message with advanced features with the use of any data you have of your subscribers.

MarsMails understands the importance of knowledge and here we enable you to stay on top of the game by viewing and understanding your email marketing activity. MarsMails delivers real-time reporting, easy-to-understand graphs, and more features, which will give you a clearer picture on your activity, along with the ability to maximize campaign effectiveness.